Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Season!

Dec. 31 2008

This Fall Kelly Benefits raced in a one day Pro Crit just outside Paris. It was a short trip but the team did really well. The course was all about a bunch sprint but unfortunately the janky french crit racers didn't want a bunch. We put Reid Mumford in the break and with about a quarter of the race to go he lapped up. I chased anything dangerous and tried to do a good lead out. The reason I say tried is because although Reid is unbelievably powerful he is a TT and break away specialist not a bunch sprinter. He did well to get 8th and the most aggressive rider prize! I was second or third in the bunch to get top 15 not bad for a sweet trip to Paris end of Season.

For 2009 I resigned with my current team Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cycling, and I couldn’t be happier with the group of riders, Management, and contract I negotiated. I really felt like I integrated into the team seamlessly this year ,immediately getting results and laying it down for teammates results, like Dave’s win in PA, or Cando’s 2nd at ProCrit. Next season should be epic and I have set my goals high as always. I have more specific goals, but my overall objective this season is to make the same leap I have in the past 4 seasons. Each year I have managed to deny everyone who has told me I will stop improving, and have made the same step each year. First going from learning to race as a Junior to winning and making podiums at big junior events, then making podiums at local pro races to winning those races and getting to NRC’s. Last year I knocked on the door of every top sprint I was in, and came up with a 3 professional wins with more than 15 podiums. For this season I want to convert those podiums to wins. Again most people I talk to tell me not to be disappointed when that doesn’t happen. For me that is fuel and everyday I train I use, it, and all those near misses to make me better. I am hungrier than ever and with my training more dialed than ever, I am looking forward to making those that doubt me look stupid.
Now that the cross season is finally over and the road season is just around the bend my training has been quite extensive and going very smoothly. With lots of time in the gym, multiple training sessions per day and trying to rest fully in between, my schedule has been single minded and focused on the season to come. Throughout November and December I have been putting in the miles both from my home base on Cape Cod and from Cross venues each week (Where I also play pit crew for my brothers). However after our trip to Hell, I mean Kansas, it has been nice to get into the routine of training strictly from home and checking off my training objectives as they come.
Now don’t get me wrong, our drive to Kansas for Cross Nats was quite productive, with two 2nd places finishes and Nick and Luke both going to worlds, not to mention some surprisingly great training roads for me. However if we were to drive 1500 miles in any direction from our house other than to Kansas, I am sure we would have ended up somewhere quite a bit more remote and desirable for bicycle riding! Needless to say I logged a good week of frigid training while traveling and we had some great fun! Christmas at our house was pretty chill this year and we just hung out. My bros got me a rad espresso machine so my daily training routine now involves pulling at least 2 shots first thing every morning! Last week’s weather was great for training being 40 degrees super windy, and pissing rain. By the way there is no sarcasm there! If the roads in New England are clear of snow and it is above 25 I am psyched and outside training! Unfortunately I ran out of luck and as I am writing this it is white out conditions outside.
On a better note I got my race schedule for the spring and it looks awesome! Lots of racing and traveling as always but let’s just say it has some uncharted territory for me, right in line with some of my bigger goals. More on that at a later. First on my schedule is our first team camp in Winter Park, Colorado. As you could imagine the training is not perfect for training there but that is not the point. The trip will be short, less than a week, to get to know new teammates, catch up to old ones, and have some fun in the snow. It will also provide the opportunity to nail down everyone’s goals and objectives and really start the teambuilding process. Two weeks later I fly to Texas for the formal Team Presentation, Photos, and full on warm weather training every day for 2 weeks. Because I am obsessive about my training I am personally looking forward to this camp more than the first. It will provide some great motivation as the weather will be nice and the whole team will be training together. The other important aspect of the second camp is that it should complete the team building process. Bike racers are much more comfortable on their bikes than any where else and long days training with teammates provides a good foundation both physically and mentally for the season to come. As I said stay tuned for more info on my schedule. Now I have to venture out into a blizzard to get my training done for the day!!!

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Jonny Bold said...

Jake, you WILL make the same improvements as the past few years, if not bigger ones! JB