Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jacob Wins First Race of 2008 for Sakonnet

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March 16, 2008
Orange Crush at Grant's Tomb!

3/15 Grant's Tomb Criterium (New York, NY)

Sakonnet rides like a young pro team A full Sakonnet team including Road Manager Matt Koschara took to the line at the first big race on the northeast racing calendar the Grants Tomb Criterium. It was a special occasion for the team as both Eric Min (Sakonnet CEO) and Alarik Myrin (Sakonnet CTO) where in the crowd to cheer on the team. Most of the event was played out with small breaks taking minor leads, it became obvious in the last five laps that the race was going to come down to a field sprint.

Having practiced lead outs for a month at the teams warm weather spring house in Chapel Hill, NC the guys where ready to roll and they organized themselves like a seasoned professional team. With two laps to go the train was in place and it was Matt channeling his days as Julian Dean’s last lead out man on Navigators who started the fireworks by taking a full lap pull. Nick took the reigns after Matt and brought the field to the last corner where Gavi opened up the sprint. Trailing Gavi was a duo of Rite Aid professionals Bobby Lea and Bill Elliston, behind them where three Sakonnet sprinters!

In the drag race to the finish it was Jake who over took Leah for a brilliant win in the teams home town and in front of the sponsors!More pictures are found here:

1st Jake Keough (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)
2nd Bobby Leah (Rite Aid Professional Cycling Team)
3rd Wilson Vasquez (G.S Mengoni USA)
4th Danny Estevez (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)
5th Cheyne Hoag (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25)

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