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Luke Keough - World Championships Cyclocross - Treviso (ITA): Junior Men

The youngest guns open the Worlds in Treviso - France's Arnaud Jouffroy leads Sagan and Petrus to the podium. Keough tenth.

World Cyclocross Championships in Treviso (Italy) January 26 & 27, 2008

The junior-men opened the World Championships with their race of about 40 minutes. The big favorites for the world title were Arnaud Jouffroy (France), Marek Konwa (Poland), Lubomir Petrus (Czech Republic), Peter Sagan (Slovakia) and some others, like Italy's Elia Silvestri, Swiss Matthias Rupp, Belgians Sean de Bie and Stef Boden and Dutch rider Tijmen Eising.

After the second lap Petrus, who dropped Konwa, had a gap of 4 seconds on Jouffroy, 14 seconds on Sagan and 30 seconds on the first chasing group led by Elia Silvestri. Also Luke Keough from the USA was in this group and still had a chance to finish in the top 5.

The best American rider in the race was Luke Keough (10th at 1.12). He rode a very solid race as he was one of the riders in the chasing group behind the leaders. The other American riders who finished the Championships are Gavin Mannion (32nd at 3.09), Steve Fisher (40th at 3.38), Zach Mc Donald (42nd at 3.40) and Eric Emsky (53rd at 5.49).

World Cyclocross Championship 2008 Top Ten Junior Results

1 Arnaud Jouffroy (France) 40.30
2 Peter Sagan (Slovakia) 0.01
3 Lubomir Petrus (Czech Republic) 0.04
4 Elia Silvestri (Italy) 0.54
5 Matthias Rupp (Switzerland) 0.55
6 Pierre Garson (France) 1.07
7 Stef Boden (Belgium) 1.08
8 Sean De Bie (Belgium) 1.11
9 Jonathan Cessot (France)
10 Luke Keough (United States Of America) 1.12
Excerpted from an article By Bart HazenDate: 1/26/2008 For the full story:

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