Monday, May 19, 2008

Friends of Synergy - Jake Keough, Cyclist

Jake would know. At 20-years-old, he is one of the best young riders in the country, placing third at the U.S. Cycling National Championships U23 Criterium last year. Success against such prestigious competition requires an intense training schedule as well as a fully booked racing calendar, so a few years ago Jake began searching for nutritional supplements that could aid his recovery.

“Recovery is crucial because that’s when you make all of your progress and gains,” he said. “We looked around for awhile before finding Mistica and felt like once we started using it, our recovery was boosted greatly.”

His positive experience with Mistica prompted him to look into Synergy’s other products. Soon, Jake added Core Greens and ProArgi-9 Plus to his regimen and was pleased with those results, as well.

“The great thing about Synergy’s V3 products is they work really well together to provide the nutrition I need both before and after racing. Core Greens gives me the base I need, ProArgi-9 Plus helps my endurance and Mistica helps boost my recovery and my immune system, too.”

Jake used V3 products en route to many victories as well as top 10 finishes against some of the best riders in the world. Following his stellar racing season last year, Jake fielded multiple contracts from professional teams before deciding to stay amateur for one more year.“

I have a goal of winning the elite criterium national championships in Chicago this year,” he explained.

After that, Jake plans on joining one of the top-tier professional teams in America and competing internationally. He said Synergy’s V3 products will play an important role in his racing future.

“I think that the further I go, the more I’ll rely on the products to supplement my hard work. So far, the products have helped me an incredible amount and I definitely hope to continue using them for as long as I possibly can.”

1st Place—Tour of Somerville•
1st Place—Grant’s Tomb Criterium•
1st Place—Exeter Criterium•
1st Place—Silver City Flyer•
1st Place—Myles Standish Road Race•
1st Place—Sturbridge Road Race•
2nd Place—Chris Hinds Memorial Criterium•
2nd Place—Nutmeg Classic Criterium•
3rd Place—USA Cycling National Championships

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mike said...

I had the opportunity and pleasure to ride with 6 Keough's today on the Cape! If you get this, please send me your email so I can send you the pic I took of Dad and the 5 boys outside of the Cotuit Grocery.