Monday, May 19, 2008

Friends of Synergy - Nick Keough, Cyclist

“Winning tough races is always exciting, and competing against great athletes always keeps things interesting,” Nick said. “But my highlights are definitely both times when I was selected to go over to Europe and race at the highest level.”

It’s easy to see why Nick was chosen to represent the United States in those international races. The race podium is this 18-year-old’s second home, having been there dozens of times throughout his racing years. All of Nick’s hard work seems to be paying off, but he is the first to concede that racing at such high levels takes a major toll on your body. This makes good nutrition crucial to success.

“When you’re training hard and racing hard you need to fuel your body properly. I’m constantly monitoring what I’m taking in and trying to get all the nutrition I need. Everything little thing counts and any extra edge you can get is huge,” Nick explained.

He looked for nutritional products to supplement his rigorous training and tried a few different nutritional supplements without success. Then, Nick finally found his extra edge in Synergy’s V3 products after being introduced to Mistica at a coffee shop.

“I started using Mistica and noticed a huge difference in my recovery,” he said. “Pretty soon I started using Core Greens because Mistica worked so well. All of those nutrients in Core Greens are really helpful, so I stuck with it. I recently started using ProArgi-9 Plus, too, and it’s awesome. I feel so much healthier with all three products and have so much more energy when I race.”

Nick continues to enjoy great success in his racing career and hopes to be able to stick with it for a long time.

“Racing in the world championships was an incredible experience,” he explained. “I’d like to race in Europe a little more and get more experience that way. I’d love to make a living racing bikes—that’s my biggest goal right now.”

And will Synergy’s V3 products be along for the ride? “Absolutely.”

1st Place—Pro 1-2 Men, Chris Hinds Memorial Criterium•
1st Place—Pro 1-2 Men, Rick Newhouse Memorial Criterium•
1st Place—Junior Men, Rick Newhouse Memorial Criterium•
1st Place—Junior Men, Jiminy Peak Classic Road Race•
1st Place—Junior Men, Myles Standish Road Race•
1st Place—Junior Men, Silver City Flyer Criterium•
2nd Place—Junior Men Circuit Race, Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic Stage Race•
5th Place—Junior Men, USAC National Cyclo-Cross Championships•
30th Place—Junior Men, 2006/2007 World Cyclo-Cross Championships – Hooglede-Gits, Belgium

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